• Clients

    I have represented the Center for Investigative Reporting since 1989 and have been its Chief Legal Counsel since 1997.

    Other past and present clients include:

    • San Jose Mercury News
    • Embarcadero Publishing
    • Nothing But the Truth publishing
    • Diablo magazine
    • Metro Silicon Valley
    • First Amendment Coalition
    • San Francisco magazine
    • New York Times
    • Sacramento Bee
    • McClatchy Company
    • Copley Press
    • San Francisco Chronicle
    • Monterey County Herald
    • Santa Cruz Sentinel
    • Good Times
    • Stanford Daily
    • Spartan Daily
    • Capital Cities/ABC
    • NBC
    • KOVR-TV
    • Ingonish Films
    • Salon.com
    • El Andar
    • Mother Jones magazine
    • Individual citizens seeking public records and enforcement of open meeting laws
    • Individual authors for prepublication review and defense against legal harrassment
  • Testimonials from the Center for Investigative Reporting

    "In more than 40 years as a journalist, I have personally experienced the chilling effects on my ability to do my job of lawsuits, threats, demands and a wide variety of obstacles often assembled as obstruction to the illumination of facts.

    I have also had the privilege and honor of being supported during that time by some of the best First Amendment lawyers in the country. It has been my particular good fortune to have worked with and relied on Judy Alexander, one of those truly outstanding, selfless, tireless and relentless legal champions of our rights as journalists to pursue the truth.

    Watching Judy in her work as legal counsel for the Center for Investigative Reporting, I can only marvel at her dedication and her devotion to her calling -- and for Judy it is a higher calling. Having her as our counsel has been both a pleasure and a relief."

    Phil Bronstein, Executive Chair

    "Over the course of my career I have worked with many attorneys, some would say too many. Judy Alexander ranks at the top of that distinguished group of first amendment lawyers and what pushes her to the pinnacle is not only her skills, demeanor and experience but the fact that for much of that time she volunteered her time to The Center for Investigative Reporting. She has spent countless hours vetting our work and pushing back at corporations and individuals who attempt to threaten and bully CIR without financial reward. Her reward was serving the public and journalism's interest. That is a unique and special place to be in."

    Robert Rosenthal, Executive Director

    "In the years we've worked together at The Center for Investigative Reporting, I've known Judy as a fierce, brilliant defender of the First Amendment and someone who works tirelessly for our reporters, editors and producers. Her eye for detail and nuance, and her deep knowledge of the law has elevated our work in countless ways. She's a tremendous asset to CIR and to journalism."

    Robert Salladay, Editorial Director

    "As an investigations editor for more than 15 years, and a reporter before that, I have worked with dozens of First Amendment attorneys. I can say without hesitation that Judy Alexander is among the best. She is responsive and intuitive, quickly grasping not just the core meaning of the story but its nuance. We have tackled many tricky legal situations together and I always feel confident in her counsel."

    Amy Pyle, Editor in Chief

  • Other testimonials

    "Judy is an experienced media litigator who is always a true partner in achieving our objectives in as straight-forward and cost-effective way as possible. We've worked with her on cases as both a plaintiff and a defendant, and she is always responsive, efficient and practical. She is tough when she needs to be with opposing counsel, just as she is honest with us when there are weaknesses of our case."

    Bill Johnson, Publisher, Palo Alto Weekly, President & CEO, Embarcadero Media

    "Judy Alexander was our libel and contract review attorney for many years when I was Publisher of San Francisco magazine.  I was thoroughly delighted with the perspective and advice that Judy offered me over the years.  Judy is smart.  Judy is available at a moment's notice.  And Judy cuts right to the heart of the question, which saves time and money spent on any problem.  In addition to approaching legal issues with thoroughness and directness, I have also been struck with her journalistic insights.  I recommended her wholeheartedly."

    Steven Dinkelspiel, former Publisher, San Francisco magazine