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    I specialize in media and First Amendment law. I represent content producers for a broad range of media platforms, including newspapers, magazines, books, the Internet, radio, television, and other new and unique ways to deliver news such as animation, theater and slam poetry.

    My philosophy is to facilitate rather than obstruct newsgathering, publication and broadcast.  I work in close partnership with my clients to avoid legal problems while maximizing their ability to uncover and report the news.

    I have more than 25 years of experience:

    • handling pre-publication and pre-broadcast review across all platforms
    • advising clients on defamation, privacy, publicity, access to public records, open meeting laws, reporter's privilege and newsgathering issues, advertising and media perils insurance
    • conducting newsroom training
    • reviewing, drafting, and negotiating contracts for television and motion picture co-production, collaboration with other content providers, video and music licensing, book publishing, appearance and location releases, and general business dealings